Jan. 15th, 2009

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Today was a medium productive day. I feel like I got a lot done, but that it sort of wallowed around and the words didn't want to make as many words as they should. I'm at nine pages not formatted. So probably about 15 formatted. (Formatted is the funny Goucher spacing and also double spaced. My writing is in single) Halfway to thirty and a whole heck of a lot to write about. Plus I got the edits back from 2/3 of the committee. Good comments, mostly along the lines of what  I was thinking about it after I turned it in.

I ate a lot of See's candy today. *facepalm* Which was stupid. Bad for my skin and bad for my butt. But tasty! nom!

I was up early, but slept in until five or so. Or tried to. Sterns wanted up very badly and so there was lots of poking me in the face. So we got up. Writing was slow to start. That's probably what threw the day off. I also didn't get to calling the people that I needed to call with regards to National Heritage Areas. So. I'll have to do that tomorrow while I'm at the planning department. I'll have some time then.

I cannot find my check book. This is a small problem. Its around here somewhere. I suppose.

Tonight is Supernatural. Finally. And then tomorrow night is BSG finally FINALLY. If I get spoiled for who the last cylon is, there will be blood. Speaking of. I finally watched that this last week. Good movie. I liked it a lot.

Via Facebook- I am having lunch with a college roommate for Colorado on Weds next. That is very exciting. She was talking about organizing a Coloradop reuinion in the next year or so. That would be loads of fun.

I got my return ticket from Daytona. So I will, in fact, be coming back. Actual NASCAR programming on tv right now, which is great. The countdown thinger says thirty days. But thats just to the 500. 28 days to the Duel. Fewer until I actually get there.

I guess thats all. I really thought I had something to write about, but I kinda don't.


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