Jan. 28th, 2009

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First of all. Go me!

I totally just paid off the last of my credit card debt today. It took a long ass time, as it was a shit ton of money.
But today!? Done. And I even get money back from my consolidation company. hooray!

Its awesome, because I have a little time to get my money-life in order before I have to start paying off school debt. That doesn't start coming due until next Feb. So. Hey wow. I might actually not be broke all the time.
Though I have to admit, I am much much better with my money than I have ever been in my entire life. I'm such a grown up. :P

Thing the Next.
I was featured on the NASCAR FanClub Members first mail out of the year. Which is really funny. I am totally the girl that keeps showing up in pics and tv spots etc.
Its like a cunning plan! Maybe they'll think that they recognize me when I go and try to get a job, and decide they know me...and hire me!!
hey, you never know.

Thing the next secondly.
Work was blurry today. I felt like I was coming down with something, but i think that i am just exhausted. JC says I look rather pale. I think its just no sunshine. That will fix in 13 days!!
Oh and thank god racing season starts in ten (next saturday hurry hurry) so I can stop being overly distracted by silly things and pay attention to what I really love.
Speaking of, how perfect is it that the Daytona 500 is Valentines Day weekend? Talk about true love.

What else. The Shape magazine workout thing is kicking my ass! I hardly ever try those magazines, but it caught me eye. even though I don't have any privacy- but I think that I found a way to get it done.

I have done some clearing of my social houses- but I need to finish. hopefully someone will understand the scorched earth policy I live by. (Kudos to S. for liking that view. I do too)

Some more things
I talked the ears off of my boss's mom and his (ready?) partner's father's ex-caretaker about NASCAR last night at the Tonga Room. It was great. Also, since he hates me, he hasn't actually heard where any of my research was going- I think that despite himself he was impressed. Juggling the concepts of National Heritage Areas, Preservation and NASCAR is no small task. Plus I have some good stories about the old drivers that his mom (who had had a few drinks) thought was hilarious. Though, they are good stories, regardless. They also all agreed that I need to write a book. I love it when people say that, then I get terrified, because holy hell, writing this thesis is hard enough!

Speaking of though, geesh. All these ideas that come that need to be incorporated into the chapters that I have already written- plus all the information that I have to make work into the chapter that I am writing right now, plus worrying about the next two.

Oh! And my pal Jessica has planned a girls night out- she's from Ukiah. We get together for drinnks like once in a blue moon, so it will be fun to see her again so soon.

Thing the last. yikes, there was too much salt in dinner tonight. Thats what I get for faking it with rice a roni. salty-salt party.



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