Feb. 4th, 2009

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I seriously cannot figure out what day it is.
Even though [livejournal.com profile] klevermore  and I talked about it last night, I woke up this morning thinking that  it was friday. I really didn't know what day it was last week either.
I think that the trip to Daytona will be good. I def. need some space to get my head sort of rescrewed on.
I am staying at the Royal Floridian (It sounds like it needs a fanfare, doesn't it?) I have a beach front condo, I think for the whole time. I'm excited for it. Sometimes the quality of these places vary-but it will probably be fine.
and holy crap..its on dialup of all things. But at least there is an internets.
Its also right by where we stayed last time. Its kind of right on top where they used to measure out the miles for land speed records. But on the other end of Ormond Beach from where they used to race. :) No matter though. I know how to get to the BBQ place and the track.

I really need to make a few lists. One for of course, what I need to take to Florida. This includes clothes and things for the race and things for writing.
I also need to make a drugstore run. Im out of basic things like good night cream, I need a new toothbrush..
I need to go to the bookstore and get something to read on the plane (and on the beach. It might not be super warm, but its florida and I'll make it work)
I need to do basic upkeep. Got to go to the lady shop. Got to dye my hair. Really should get my nails done because they are too long.

Night court, much to my disappointment did not grant me any of my nearly 400 dollars back for my old ticket. The judge was very nice, but noted that the ticket was really really old. He was also giving people anywhere from 14 to 25 hours of community service. Like I have any spare time. So. oh well.

Work is boring. And I can't remember what else I came here to say.
Thank goodness racing starts. The draw party is on Thursday. The Shootout is on Saturday.
Im supposed to go watch BSG and go out Friday night.
Im supposed to go out Saturday night with an old friend from hs. It should be fun.
On the other hand. Im exhausted. Flat out beat.

I've been looking at apartments in Places I Want to Live. I like doing that. And speaking of, I need to start planning for things to change come August.

This post is made of ramble. Sorry flist.

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I think that its time to watch Blackadder again.

And also.
I need a mousepad.


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