Mar. 4th, 2009

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I know. I know. You see? I told you I would never finish the Daytona entries.
Oh well.
And it ends so dramatically! Maybe this weekend.

I bought my ticket to Darlington, the springtime Southern 500.I have the sneaking suspicion that South Carolina in May will be beautiful. And that the race will be just perfect. I will also get to see my South Carolina librarian, who was such a big help for my research. I need to send him a letter. ( a real letter, which is kind of fun)

Work continues to be work like.

The Toad continues to putter along. I have so much writing to do still. Its nearly disheartening. I still need to write the intro and conclusion. And of course edit the thing. I also need to add a section in there about the 60th Anniversary of NASCAR. And a bit about the significance of place. I have learned that I am not a cultural anthropologist nor a cultural, well, anything. Its hard to write about what makes a culture.
Its also hard to define things.
gah. I lied!!


So really. Thats it. I missed Wondercon. I missed going to dinner with someone. That was bad of me.
WonderCon though?.. Well. I had to write. And there just isnt anything for it. Plus, I'm in a bit of a headspace now. Very very focused in. Everything else seems rather, not as immediate. And also, not as important.
Social events really. I can't do them right now. I get there, and feel like I need to be back here. writing. There are days when I get very little done, but I sort of chain myself to the computer, and shit seems to happen.

I am tearing myself away to go see Watchmen. But it will just be a drive to the city to see the movie in IMAX and then a swift return to the computer. Saturday at 11.

ha. I tore the towel rack out of the wall yesterday morning. Rar! Must fix that..
Looked at apartments in Charlotte. And in New Orleans. (I just love the apartments there...and the buildings) Very ready for changes. I just have to be patient though.

ok. just saying hi!


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