Mar. 30th, 2009


Mar. 30th, 2009 09:34 pm
melissae: (alone in this world waiting)
i am tired and cranky.
Part of it is my back.
Sue worked wonders on it, but its snapped back into twisted by sunday.
All the rest of my regular stress muscles were fixed though. It was the best. She's getting rolling with a new business- official (and really well priced!) massages. So drop me a line if you're local (Or her, since loads of ya know her) because omg soooooooooooo good.

On Sunday I had moments of not being able to move at all. Today was a chore to get through.
Im also tired and frustrated by my thesis. I still love it. I really do. The subject means a lot to me. I'm just sick of the process. I'm also behind schedule, which frustrates me. I hate sitting at work wasting 8 hours 11 hours a day for that stupid place.

Trying to figure out the whole oral defense thing. I've got to fly to North Carolina. Oh darn. A weekend in Charlotte. (that cheers me up) (Minus of course the three hour defense of my thesis thing)

It seems like we might be meeting at the track at Martinsville for the defense, if they will let us. I know that John and Hugh will be distracted somewhat by the venue. Ken on the other hand, being a track historian, well, won't be. But thats ok.

I don't need any "you can do its" tonight. Though I love the support and love that I get from my friends. I'm just cranky.


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