Apr. 2nd, 2009

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Seeing as earlier I wrote the worst conclusion ever, I must re-write.
everything is edits now. Except the introduction, which I dont want to do. And the conclusion which is now something 60% (re)done.
So close.
So close. Sigh.

I mean. not counting all the end notes. and formatting and inserting images. This weekend, I will see people Friday evening and then be totally unavailable. Tomorrow. I have a week. For everything to be done. The first full final draft is due next Friday.

I spent a few hours working at my aunt's house. Actually, it was very nice. Some peace and quiet. :)
I watched the On Demand channels. yay. It was nice to have something different in the background. Watched Descent. Which, oddly enough I liked better than when I watched it the first time. Then I watched Escape from New York. Which. fuck yeah Snake Plisskin.
Have been wanting to rewatch it again. I saw the back half of it on tv a few months(?) ago. But having it on demand was pretty cool.

Tonight's episode of Supernatural was excellent. First off, because it was hilarious. Two weeks of self-referential - real world cross over stuff was totally cool. I loved it. The bad writing and snark about the slash (ick- sorry flisties who are ok with it) was just hilarious. Also, the best Winchester faces in a long time. Of course. they make the best faces every week. And I probably think that every week...but, uh. yeah. :D You know what I'm talking in circles about.

Plus, then the episode carried into the story, it wasn't just as a stop over or side story. I am worried for what the Chuck the Prophet saw.

My aunt has high-def Comcast. And I was loving watching the boys on that. Then it went all pixely the way that Tivos do... it wasn't on Tivo. I guess high-def gets the bubbles too. The pretty colors and really big picture was not enough to keep me at my aunt's. during the commericial I quick drove home. She lives just a few minutes away. So it was perfect. Didn't miss but a few beats with Lilith and Sam. But knew that I didn't want to watch whatever was going to happen in pixilated pauses and jumps.

Work tomorrow. Boo. Two days not in the office = happy melissa
Some more reading to do.
then to beds.

nighty night.


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