May. 5th, 2009

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I'm pretty sure that I have every thing ready to go. I'm off tomorrow morning at 6am back to the Carolinas.
I fly into RDU and then I am going to hang out in Charlotte for a day..then Friday its down to the track.

I can't wait!

The only bummer thing is that I haven't heard back from Buz, who I would very much like to meet up with for lunch or coffee on Thursday. ah well. If that doesn't work out, I'm sure I'll be ok.

I'm taking the Toad with me. It has become much more tolerable as a final document. Though I am really not entirely sure if I wrote anything worthwhile. The editing is coming along nicely. I got a bit distracted, so the process slowed down. I was hoping to have another printed draft to take with me so that I didnt have to work on the computer with it. No such luck. But its ok, its getting better, and cleaned up and more concise.

-side note. The "hula" dancers in Kenney Chesney's Sun Goes Down video are seriously the Worst. Hula. Dancers. Ever. Though, I suppose that their hula ability was last on the list of... assets.


I am starting to feel nervous about what I should be doing after all this is over with. I have begun looking at jobs, to see what is out there and what I might want..instead of what is just out there. Part of the reason I am bummed that I can't get in touch with Buz is that I really want him to be all "so when are you done, and when can you come out?" We'll see.
Oh. Buz is the historian over at the Hall of Fame, he's not a boy or anything.

I suppose I should go catch the f-ing train. I hate that train. I have a sight survey today at "Frenchy's"- the building that I need to go take a look at houses a porn shop, massage parlor and XXX theater. I'm totally grossed out. Not because of the idea of it, but because I know the neighborhood.

And it doesnt matter anyways, the city is going to knock that block down no matter what. Yay preservation.


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