Jun. 4th, 2009

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Nearly an hour early.

Better early than late for sure though!

I am off to my oral defense. I think that I am so scared of it that I have refused to even think about it too much. I need to re-read my thesis..but I figure that I can do that today on the plane, or tonight, or tomorrow. Certainly by tomorrow. Winging it the whole way on Saturday probably isnt that good of an idea.

Its my last trip to Old Salem and my last trip to my little scholars loft which I will miss dearly.
On Saturday night I am going to a race at Bowman-Gray Stadium, so that will be lots of fun.

The coffee from the starbucks here at SJC is too hot, so I fear that I will be awkwardly lugging it aboard the plane. There are a whole bunch of Amish families flying on my plane. Or at least I think that they are flying on my plane. 

I figure that this trip will let me get caught up on the LJ. Its pretty sparse over here these days. But I figure a lot of people have stepped over to Twitter. Which I do use, but I like it here. Besides, I can archive stuff here. And its a real journal.
I wonder what I forgot.
I wonder what I'll forget by Saturday.



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