Jun. 5th, 2009

rainy rainy

Jun. 5th, 2009 06:44 am
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Its rainy rainy here in Old Salem. I do hope it clears up before tomorrow night. I really want to go to the race.

I'm being very lazy about going to the coffee shop to start reading the Toad. It makes me tired to think about reading it some more, and stressing about it some more. It needs to be done though. So, I'm off in a few minutes.
Oh, there's a little bird singing outside the window, so thats probably a good sign for the weather.

I thought that the little monrovian bakery would be open, since its Friday, but I dont see any of the ladies in their historically accurate costumes bustling about .. so I might have to wait for Saturday and Sunday.
Things that are exciting about this trip include the ability to taste..since the last time, I couldn't. Remember?? Or maybe you dont, but hell, I do.

Even though its itty bitty,  I wish this was my apartment. Its so cute. I hear the folks downstairs in the gift shop. They must open at 10. I'm very sleepy today. Usually the traveling doesn't get to me too much, but today I would like to sleep all day instead of getting anywork done!

Extra non sequitor of this post. I need new jeans. These ones used to fit, but they fit funny now. Frak. I hate jeans shopping.
Ok. Off to get some edits done. Because, yay. edits.

oh and ps. Damn that sucks about David Carradine. *points* I'm using my Calamity Jane as the default for a while in honor of him.
You would think though, that famous people would figure out that maybe they should be somewhat more careful with their, uhh, sex games..how awful would it be to end up as _that_ being your cause of death.
oh well.
Still sucks.



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