Jul. 21st, 2009

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damn im going to hate being without my computer for a week. Im debating bringing it anyhow.
Even though we have to pay for the internet.

sigh. its just that everyone will have the internet at hand through their phones, where as  I will not. I am afraid I will feel stranded.
I already do, because of that. Stupid T-mobile and their inability to put a product out early in the year....rather than the week after i get back.

Fuck it. i am bringing it. It seems like we might have split rooms, and if the computer is living in the other one, I'll be totally cut off. I'll wrangle it with me. And thus I am become an over burdened traveler.

oh well.

I think that I am ready to go. It seems like I am.
Today was a productive day, which is also good. I went and got my massage- my birthday gift from [livejournal.com profile] chersey  and [livejournal.com profile] unnamedfeeling  Wow. She was weird. Good body work, strange duck.
Not that I minded hearing all about how she had a crush on her house mate, or that he was "unattainable" and that he was a body builder OR that he had a framed oilpainting of himself on the wall next to the wall of snakes which he keeps as pets. And yes. She took me to show me all these things.

It was. Strange.
My back feels better though! :D

Met my dad for lunch and Yogurtland and got my nails done and repacked everything- and dont seem to have forgotten anything. I'm sure that i have too many things..but thats ok.

I have a vague plan for tomorrow which includes some laying by the pool. I think that there will be a little bit of afternoon downtime. This will be a good thing. Check in is at 3. so it will be either after or before that.
Phone is charged, charger is packed. Camera and charger is packed. Not bringing too many things to sign, if a real need arises, I will make do.
A few things though.
Too many clothes, too many shoes. Probably still have nothing to wear.

time to wrap up for the night. going to sleep sort of early..I'll get up early and fuss.


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