Aug. 15th, 2009


Aug. 15th, 2009 10:11 pm
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I need like two more bookshelves and a file cabinet.
I have just too much stuff for anything to be organized in a way that makes it accessible and out of my way both.

Although it really could maybe use one more cull, this stuff is mostly research materials and actual information that is useful to me in several different ways. I just don't have the right kind of space to keep it set up and well managed.

I am frustrated by it all.

I am also dealing with my mom giving me some sort of weird vibe. I dont know if its some sort of anxiety that I haven't found a job (with a capital Career..) or what. Both of my parents have been big on offering me advice on where I might be able to look. Its all well meaning but irksome. Been watching the boards, listservs and job sections that will get me into my field for a couple of years now. Mostly to see whats out there as I was getting ready to embark on aforementioned career.

Anyhow. Its not like there are a million history jobs out there, I knew that. I also got an ear full about getting hired on as a temp. However, since I am assuming that they still want me to pay my rent here, I am going to need to be doing some kind of work while I search for the Perfect Job. Some extraordinarily interesting leads down another path that I hadnt really considered. Fingers crossed because I think that it would just be amazing. Knocking on wood to not jinx it.

I think that the night might call for some Deadwood. Although I am more in the mood for reading I think. We'll see. A bit more fussing with the piles of shit before I settle in.
Had a party I should have gone to tonight, but got sort of bogged down in this. Would have been fun and should have gone to do some meeting folks.. but I feel grimey from digging around in so much paper. Disheveled. Thats me right now.

Also, I would have to put on pants.
I know, I know. Didn't write about Comic Con yet. Doesnt this happen every year? I think that it does. I will probably get around to it.


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