Sep. 6th, 2009

Star Trek

Sep. 6th, 2009 09:14 pm
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So, even though you would have thought that I would run out to the theater to see it... I never ever saw  Abrams' Star Trek.
I was out of town when it opened, for the Southern 500 (I think) so I was going to miss opening weekend anyhow. But I never went and saw it.

It was sort of a thing where I really didn't want to see it with anyone else who had already seen it..because of people and even the possibility of giving anything away by pre-reacting, by talking, by saying anything about what i might or might not can't wait to see. Or seeing it with someone at all, for just the same kind of reasons...Princessy, I know.
And in reality. It wasn't the whole reason.

The reason was that I don't trust anyone with Star Trek. I didn't believe that anyone could take what Star Trek was, make new people into the characters and then say that this was part of what had meant so much to me as a kid. And really, what it has meant to me growing up and what it still means to me today. I am not the worlds most bestest fan.

I do not know the names of all the episodes or what the one thing is in I, Mudd that was off when you compare it to The City of the Edge of Forever. I did not religiously follow the Next Generation, or Voyager or DS9. I did watch the cartoon. I did watch Enterprise (ehh) and I have an uncounted number of the pocket books, a few records (including two I think, with picture discs and books) ...

I went to Star Trek conventions when I was a kid, and the series meant a WHOLE other world for me. It still does. So to have someone come and tell me that they made my world into something that it, well, wasn't, did not really sit all that well with me.
Abrams didn't come and say he was going to add to it with more stories but rather he thought that he could take the story that built my world and say "ta da"...I made it better!
I just really had a hard time with that.
I also didn't believe anyone one bit about whether they thought it was good movie or not. sorry all. Not that I didn't believe that they enjoyed it, just that, it wouldn't live to, umm, what I want. (The whole world must cater to meeeee!) :p

So. They re-released Star Trek into Imax theaters for this week, and maybe next? And I realized that I needed to see it in the theaters, or I would be a very sad sad me watching it on the dvd player.
I took a deep breath, and me and [ profile] karlamrich went to see it last night.
*happy happy me*

I didn't even know how much it would mean to me to see it on the big screen.  I forgot how the USS Enterprise breaks my heart with joy for its beauty and promise. That's always been my ship and Star Trek has always been my world.
I know that Star Wars was supposed to be the defining science fiction for our (my) generation. But my Universe was always defined by the United Federation of Planets and the USS Enterprise.
So I let myself enjoy the characters for who they were supposed to be. And I forgive Abrams for the laughable Spock/Uhura thing. Because, I get it. (But COME on.) And I was pleased with the alternate reality that he went with.
In fact, I loved it. A LOT

I was so afraid that he would break it. That's the only way that I can define what the real reason I never went to see it is. I was afraid that he had all this power, as JJ Abrams and that he would break the one thing that..made me who I am? Defined the way I looked at the future and the things that I dreamed were possible? Was the one thing that I wanted to be when I grew up? I dunno.

This is a very silly heartfelt entry. Thanks again [ profile] karlamrich  for going with me. xoxo. You could probably see it in my face better than I can get it out in here.


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