Sep. 12th, 2009

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ahh. temping. The jobs which you can care the very very least about and still pull in a (sometimes) paycheck.
Worked last week at some company. Spent the (short) week answering the phone and reading. Easy peasy. The people were nice and about a block and half away from the office was some sort of culvert-waterway-ditch? thing. The waterway had a nice walk on either side and led over to what a sign told me was some sort of "bay walk"

It was a fairly un-interesting seeming walking place but it managed to produce some very exciting treasures!
The first day, I found a mountain! Well, a tall hill. Well. Really a tall-ish hill. But I walked to the very top of the hill to see what might be on the other side. There was lots of hot dry grass, a good amount of dust and a snake skin! I was very excited to have found it! I did not see the snake that it had once belonged to, and I suppose that was for the best.

I of course took it home. I put it in the Ford, because I could only assume what the people at the office would have called the temp agency and said if I came back from my lunch and plopped a snake skin on the desk. The next two days, I had Karla for company on my lunch time walks and that made it even better. We found another path and the Triangle of Bravery and then the next day we found a dead bird. The dead bird was lowest on the list of Treasures Found on the work day lunches. On Friday, the Bubblator and Building 130 was discovered. Also, a potential hiding hole for It. Ahh, but someday, it will all be mine. The beautiful vistas, the beautiful smells....

So, probably the best thing about temping was that it was EXACTLY ten minutes from out the door to the Meadery. Yay! Yay for happy hours that I can make and glory glory for commutes that are 15 minutes instead of two hours. We'll see if the temp agency pulls up anything for me next week.

Friday night was a Beatles Rock Band party at Ido's. That was fun!! I am not sure that I get the appeal of the game but we had a very good time. I have awesome friends. I found it vastly amusing to make the game play Helter Skelter over and over again. Also, I learned you have to "strum" the thing. Who knew?

This morning, early, it started to rain, and smells like fall. This afternoon, the wind in the parking lot outside of work (work..the office.. kind of not the right term for either, but where I go when I need to go into the Office for the Project...) smelled like fall. It was so nice out there. Chilly and warm in just the right amounts. I could have stayed out there for a long time, that's for sure.

Today is Gail's move, which I am not helping on. I feel bad, but I missed the meet-up anyhow and worked until 4 or so. And that just makes the day too long. I am tucked in for the evening. I wish I had more True Blood on hand to watch, but thats ok. Oh! Maybe Fringe is online. I hate it that Supernatural and Fringe are on at the same time.

Tomorrow is housecleaning because omg does it need it. Laundry and vacuuming and general tidy-ing up.

OMG and I forgot that [ profile] elite gave me the fraking BEST PRESENT EVER in the history of presents. It is a signed picture of Tigh, shirtless and taking a shot. And she had him sign it to me! It says "Melissa, Frak em all" I love it. to pieces.
As a matter of fact, Im changing my userpic for this entry.

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Probably won't last and there might be a bit of Indian Summer mixed in- but the weather changed.  The breeze coming in the window has that edge that makes you want to go get an extra blanket. (right, [ profile] elite?:D  ) Not quite time for the fuzzy flannel sheets though. Almost.

How come I'm not somewhere that I can have a fireplace and a cozy couch!? I need a little cottage.
:) Of course I need a little cottage for all the other seasons too. But right now, it would be especially lovely.


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