Sep. 15th, 2009


Sep. 15th, 2009 09:53 pm
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I lost track of Lj briefly.  ComicCon etc always derails me a bit. And this year with the thesis and SDCC and graduation and getting sick I sort of dropped the ball on my Lj.
So, making an effort to get back in here and write almost every day. I should be adding content to my other websites..and I think that I will be working on those tomorrow or so.

Same old collection of thoughts rattling around in my brain. Nothing all that new.
Interviewed today with a professional organizing company. It wouldnt be full time, and pays slightly more than nothing. But more than nothing is more than nothing!  Actually, the company goes in and cleans out houses before estate sales or after people have passed on- or if they are hoarders (yup, like the tv show..) Its not that big of a deal, it seems very similar to working with the auction house. Especially the low end auctions.

Well, and the girls reassured me that they dont deal with crime scenes or dead bodies. So. It sounds like a job that I can do. Actually, I really liked the girls there. It seems like a good place to work. And, as I was telling someone- never ever hurts to have a job that makes for good stories. 

Hmm. Nothing that interesting! Spent the late afternoon with [ profile] karlamrich which was super nice. We ran a lot of back and forth errands and went on a super long walk.
I wish it would rain more, but I don't think that it wants to.

I also wish that I was going to Martinsville in October, but I don't even think that I'll be making the race in Fontana. Thats the shittiest part about not having any money.


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