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shit shit shit.
I hate stressing about money. It has been so long since I have, that I forgot how awful it is.
My savings have vanished, poof! And well, we are getting down to the wire.
Now I really need one of these crummy admin jobs to pull up so that I can save, again, enough to move on when I need to.

I know. I quit my job on purpose. But that was making me very very unhappy and in the end..I think that I would have been "let go" sooner rather than later. It had become hard for me not to express my boredom/frustration/agony at being so frustrated at my job in preservation. I think that i have said that before, but in many ways it is to remind me (especially on days like today) that it is ok that I left there.
So, sorry to repeat myself. Even if it is my journal. maybe I'll say it again tomorrow, just because I can. :p

It is funny, a book job came up in Las Vegas. I of course, cannot afford to move to Las Vegas any more than I can afford to move down the street  right now.. but I am tempted to apply anyways. I suppose that I might as well swing wide with my compass until something actually lands, makes sense, works out or actually makes me happy.
Anyhow, its an admin job, but working for an antiquarian book dealer. So what I would love to do. Though there is a very strong reminder of how the auction and antiques business actually works...and I am not entirely sure that I want to set foot into that rippling pool of back stabbing, death dealing, underhanded business.
on the other hand. books. rare books. The bibliophile part of my soul keeps poking me in the ribs.


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