Sep. 28th, 2009 08:48 pm
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Watching Heroes for a couple of really uninteresting reasons. Still not that excited about the show. I know that Claire is supposed to be hot, but she is kind of boring looking. Am I wrong? Sort of like how Britney was hot when she was super young and "forbidden" but she, omg grew up. Thats what Claire seems like to me. Whats his face is still hot though, glad to see that. Sylar. Though, I think that I think that he is more hot for being Spock than being Sylar.

I really should be watching the PBS show on the National Parks. Burns did such a beautiful job. Makes me want to vanish out to the edges of the world. And it makes me look closer at the ranger jobs that are up right now. Its hard to balance the part of me that wants to be out in the middle of nowhere and the part of me that remembers that the one thing that I find most often about cultural resource management - is that its filled with older folks. Not quite sure if Im ready to accept certain inevitable parts of my future. Eventually though, you'll probably be able to find me stationed out at some nowhere cross-roads, watching over our natural resources.

Speaking of, if the
Oh ! tea! I forgot! it whistles brb!

Anyhow. Speaking of! If the Green River trip doesn't come together next year, I think that I am going to go expeditioning off to the Great Basin. Its been yeaaaaaaaars since I have gone anywhere. I mean, yes. The races that I get out to (and dont think that I won't make it to as many as I can..) are very important little travels for me. Last year I went out to see Lee in Wyoming and that was glorious...if just for the drive through a few states.
Apparently, the Great Basin has some of the best night time sky viewing in the US. And reading about that made my heart ache to see the stars and to leave the city behind.

Hmm. The Carnivale-esque part of Heroes didnt really appear. Did I miss it?

[ profile] elite took me to the live version of The Nightman Cometh. It was fucking awesome. I thought I was going to blow my voice for screaming at the top of my lungs for them. Fucking awesome, bitches. I know that she enjoyed it, but there were definitely parts where I thought to myself, "I wonder what she thinks of what the fuck is going on." I should swap out my user pic, done. Bitches.

Watched Australian rules football with [ profile] chershey (spelled that wrong the first time. duh.) and [ profile] unnamedfeeling this last friday. It was so much fun. Loved it! I think that we are going to go to a game in the spring.
Thats it for right now! Just checking in! Back to mr. Burns and his national parks.


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