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The thing is, yesterday I was walking to work like usual. And I passed a very pretty, very appropriately thin yet proportioned girl on the street. I had that moment of "I wish I looked like that" and then I thought "Fuck it, I bet I'd be the one to survive the apocalypse." true story.

today. it seems laughable to have been so glib.
I followed what I could on the internet. CMdrsuzdal, Elite, others- we've lost UnnamedFeeling. I fear for Chersey.
The noises in the street. The helicopters, the planes. The sirens early on, and that dreadful pregnant pause. The amazingly useless "emergency text" from the city.
The screams. The noise- which can be compared to nothing else.
I know, by now, we've all heard them. I can hear them now, but in the distance. Its quiet here.
Darker than it should be.

I couldnt leave the office. I had to wait. And the waiting was the worst part. The street was tangled, but with people. Not people, but, whats left. bodies. shells.
Its too much to think about, the blank stares, registering nothing..a dull intelligence that seemed to find those that were foolish enough to stay out there.

It took me ages to walk. But its nothing compared to the distance I am about to travel. I had to come back here. The Explorer is here. Thank god I gassed it yesterday, I can only assume that like everything else- there are no more gas stations running.

I've packed the few weapons that the house has. Weapons is such a loose term. A Bowie knife, a baseball bat, two hammers, the weedwhacker- its long and if you turn it on- it works just fine.
I had to come back here. I knew that my grandma was here. She stays in the house. And the cat.
Call me foolish.

We leave right before dawn. I cant go now. The dark hides things that even I dont want to see. And in the light of day, I'll be able to see what's coming for us.

But we'll do our best to make it to the mountains. My mom's. Its far enough away- which makes it far to go...but we'll be safer there. I'll make it as far as I can get. The roads..the bridges... And figure it out from there. My parents know that when "it" happens, I will come there. No matter how long it takes. Its a way to keep them from coming out to me.

This is it. I cant believe the internet is still up. The batteries on the laptop are going. Its the light from the monitor that lit my packing.
Maybe we'll see each other again. Maybe not. Stay locked up. Stay safe. Love you all.
Good luck.


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