Jan. 6th, 2009

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I just archived my LJ-

 damn it.

I hope this doesn't vanish. I'm on facebook, and myspace (sometimes) drop me a line if you want specific contact details.



Jan. 6th, 2009 07:50 pm
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I don't really talk about shopping that much. Unless its books.
But I swung by Loehmanns today, because they were making signs all over the window that said "sale! etc"
So, I went and looked. And there was a pair of boots. So I put them on hold because i was on the way to a site visit- and sort of unwieldy, boots in a box.
When I got back in the afternoon..I decided to pop down and look at their clearance basement.

!! Two pairs of very pretty shoes. One pair black stilettos with metal edges. One pair of shimmery coffee colored heels. marked down all over the place.
Plus one pair of Paris Hilton stilettos that were very tempting.

I bought the two pair of heels, for 64 bucks. and thought that I would go back either tonight or tomorrow to get the boots. (also hard to smuggle boots in a box into work...and pretend I was at the site visit the whole time)
After some (barely needed) encouragement went back to get the Paris Hilton heels. And the boots, fuck it, I thought. Its a good deal, I dont shop too often, I need shoes.
Also, feeling the need for hot shoes. (facepalm)
Got those two.
55 bucks.
so yay! About 120 bucks for four pairs of shoes.
Tonight, I go to look at the tags.


DUDE. with tax? Thats four hundred dollars worth of shoes I totally just scored a billion dollars worth of shoes for a hundred bucks.
I win at shoes today.



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