Apr. 1st, 2009

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My mom is notorious for April Fools stuff.
Years of paper in sandwiches, cookies tied together, fake spiders, fake cat barf on the bed, up two hours early with all the clocks set funky...countless, well, 34, years of stuff.

This year, I got a box in the mail.
In it was a tub of Jello.
With ten bucks. in the jello. Haven't got around to sticking my fingers in there to get it. But I will. :D

from 1937?

Apr. 1st, 2009 09:46 pm
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Better than a tub of jello with ten dollars in it.

So. I did research all day in Crockett today. Working on the history of the school out there. Pretty simple, but they have a really good historical society and museum..so I got some really good information.
Firstly, I decided, that in all my spare time I am going to start a small blog of interesting snippets of history that I come across. I should have been doing this for the last year. I cam across some great tidbits doing research for my thesis. But maybe I'll at least write a little note about those ones.
I will get around to it. I like the idea.

Secondly, saw a cool picture of Jimmy Hoffa attending a function in Crockett shortly before, well. You know.

But. The best part of today? I'm working though the Crockett newpaper, looking for information on the school's construction and the late 1930's upgrade.

Luckily, the Crockett paper has all the info on the schools on the front page, so I was able to get through a lot of microfilm reels very quickly. And I've already come up with this idea- of collecting the odds and ends of history that I come across..(mostly because of an article about a doctor who was woken up in the middle of the night by a couple, both had been shot- and were on the run..they wanted him to fix them up, and he refused.)

And so I'm scanning the paper as it reels past (I'm pretty good) and something catches my eye.

Sea Serpent Seen in Carquinez Straights by Vallejo Fishermen!
And I'm like hey!
(For those of you that scoff, you should see the frakking 9 foot 8 inch Sturgeon they've got stuffed and hung on the wall in the museum..)
So I'm reading the article, and thinking about how Sam and Dean would totally pull this out and put in the notebook for future reference.
And I skim down through the article, get to the point about how its as big as a submarine...

And honestly, I'm enjoying the article. Because, why not!? Who knows what drunken fishermen see (read up on the whole manatee/mermaids thing)
And I skip to the end. And Damn it. If the last line doesn't remind me what day it is. In 1937!!!
I totally got taken in by an April Fool's joke from 70 years ago.



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