May. 6th, 2009

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And its going to be called "What are you flying over?" because it drives me up the wall not to know.
Whats that? Is that a crater?! i dont think I've seen a crater before
What state is this?
Why does the ground look like that? Is something growing there? It looks like fur brushed the wrong way!
What mountain range is that?
What river is that?
Why is that water that color right next to the water thats a different color?
What state is that?!
This Southwest napkin doesnt tell me anything about where I am.

Except that I probably can't make a book like that because it would be a national security issue or something.
All the bad people would want to know what to blow up, but I just want to know what town that is.

It would be a great book. And help you recognize places from a million miles up in the sky. It would at least make me happy.

The flight was easy. The couple next to me on the way to Chicago slept and I had an empty middle seat the rest of the way.

I have the most hideous renta- pimp-ist car ever. Its so obnoxious. Its like gold, really low Chevy HHR. all the windows are tinted almost black. Its an ok car, but I was like totally facepalm  when I walked out and saw it in my space.

Drove through about two hours of tornado warnings. Lots of rain and lightening. Its calmed down now. Im going to work until 11 and see what the news has to say about the next few days. Hopefully tomorrow night is not too bad since Sheena and I are totally going to WhiskyRiver. yes. Dale Jr's bar. So, when we meet and he sweeps me off my feet and we get married, I'll drop you all a postcard.


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