May. 10th, 2009

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Man. I hate coming home from race weekend.
I mean. I am glad to be home. I miss Sterns. *squishy hugs the cat some more*

But I dont want to be here, I want to be there.
A brief recap. The weather was beautiful. Hot and humid- which was broken up some by the storms that rolled through.

Thursday was loads of fun with my friend Sheena. All day long at Boardwalk Billys- drinking in the sun. Then out for line dancing. Then out to Whiskey River in downtown. WR was sooo much fun. Including having a cover band with a very hot (french canadian) lead singer. Also some very interesting crowd members.

We got in pretty late, but not too bad.
Friday, I got a later start than I wanted to- but made the drive from Charlotte to Darlington, SC. in almost no time.
Good music the whole way.

Practice at the track. Giant thunderstorms and rain. Had to kick it under the grandstands so no one got electrocuted. Or drowned! Spent the time talking to a not at all bad looking fellow.
Qualifying. And the Nationwide Race.

Super fun race, not counting Kyle leading the damn race the whole way. ha. Until the last two laps. Nice timing Kenseth. :)

Drove to the Motel 6 in Florence. Seemed like it was going to be bad news but the bed was so comfortable.
Got up the next morning and front porched with the guys out there. Turns out that they had a spare ticket higher up than my seat, so I adopted it.. thank you racing gods who dont always love my driver, but who seem to love me sometimes.

Also met a fellow who was at both the first Martinsville race and the first race at Darlington. Have to get to him right away to add some stuff to the Toad.

Made my way out to the track, parked in a nice front yard. Hit the museum, hit the haulers, went back to my parking spot and hung out in the shade with the other folks in the yard. got the best shirt ever from the boulevard tents. Ate tasty BBQ at Bosshogs.

The race started at 7 and was awesome.  I will be there next year for sure. LOVED IT

Got out at about midnight thirty...and drove and drove and drove (past South of the Border!) and drove to the hotel in Raleigh. Made it at 3 am or so..with about an hour for a shower and a nap before I needed to be up to head to the airport.

The guy at the front desk was creepy and I just decided to go the rest of the way to the airport. Got fueled up. Drove to RDU and Budget didnt open until 4:30. Headed back the way I came to have breakfast at the Waffle House.

Me and the hookers had our early breakfast together. Rocking good music on their jukebox. The Waffle House, I don't know what the hookers had on theirs.

Flight took off at 6 or so. made it to Atlanta, and finally back to CA.
Took a two hour nap, bed early tonight for sure.

As always, the calories consumed were X-ed out by the calories burned walking and sweating. Although, I think that I unbalanced that by eatying breakfast this morning.

Just over a month until the next race.
Details and pics to follow- just wanted to say "hey! Im back!"




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